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Gauze encounters "cold spring" textile enterprises look forward to twists and turns

2016-10-12 管理员 Read 651

According to the feedback of some cotton textile enterprises in Jiangsu, Shandong and other places, since mid March, in addition to the relatively smooth production and sales of high count combed and combed yarn of 50s and above, the sales of ring spinning and rotor spinning of 40s and below have slowed down significantly compared with January and February. The wait-and-see atmosphere of cloth factories, fabrics, clothing and other consumer terminals is too strong, and the accumulation of inventory has become more and more prominent, regardless of the light textile markets in coastal areas, ports, India The quotations of yarns such as Pakistan and Vietnam have been callback, and the confidence in the downstream of the industrial chain has been shaken.

A medium-sized yarn factory in Zibo, Shandong said that although the quotation of 40s and above combed and combed yarn was reduced by 1000-1200 yuan / ton compared with that in mid and late February, and the quotation of 50s and above high count yarn was reduced by 1500 yuan / ton, it was difficult to stop the weak trend of customer inquiry and procurement of 40s and below cotton yarn. On the one hand, traders in the light textile market in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and other places not only have a large range of price reduction, but also have significantly increased the situation of "small quantity, multiple batches and high requirements" in procurement; On the other hand, with the diving of Zheng Mian cf2105 contract, the spot prices of cotton and cotton yarn fell endlessly. The contract execution of cloth factories and textile and clothing enterprises signing at high prices in January and February slowed down, and some customers even asked for delayed delivery and credit delivery. The company said that by mid April, it still focused on the completion of early orders. In order not to reduce production, lay off workers and ensure employment, it was considered to appropriately increase the inventory of c26s-40s conventional combed yarn. For 60s and above high count yarn, measures of "taking orders and stopping without orders" were taken to reduce the occupation of working capital.

With Zheng Mian cf2105 contract back to 15000-15500 yuan / ton consolidation, some cotton textile enterprises believe that the cotton yarn and grey cloth market is not far from reaching the bottom. At present, the "Yin drop" is mainly caused by the "overdraft" of price and confidence caused by the sharp rise and fall of cotton in February and March, and the industrial chain needs time to repair.

Market participants believe that at present, there are still favorable factors. First, although the China US high-level meeting was fierce and did not give in to each other, the statement at the press conference after the meeting showed that China US relations did not continue to deteriorate, and both sides were exploring each other's bottom line; Second, with the global vaccination of Xinguan vaccine and the continued improvement of the epidemic situation in Europe and America, and the difficult recovery of economy, trade and transportation, the "dark moment" of textile and clothing consumption demand has passed; Third, the US Federal Reserve continued its ultra loose monetary policy and exacerbated global inflationary pressure; Fourth, the central bank's monetary policy is not a turn, but a phased tightening, with a high probability of releasing liquidity from March to April.