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In the first ten days of July 2021, compared with the last ten days of June, the price of cotton increased by 2.7%

2021-04-18 管理员 Read 119

According to the monitoring of the market prices of 50 important means of production in 9 categories in the national circulation field, the prices of 39 products increased, 9 decreased and 2 remained the same in early July 2021 compared with late June, of which cotton increased by 2.7%.

Product name


Current price (yuan)

Compared with the previous period

Price rise and fall (yuan)

Rise and fall (%)

7、 Agricultural products (mainly used for processing)

Cotton (lint, white cotton, grade III)

Note: the previous period was late June 2021.


sixteen thousand seven hundred and ninety-three point eight

four hundred and thirty-seven point six

two point seven